Jan 6, 2022
Casino Veneziano is nothing but bad luck for Caesars Palace stock

Casino Veneziano is nothing but bad luck for Caesars Palace stock – but I didn’t fall asleep this time. I was wide awake and angry at myself. I have to play but where I play seems to matter. I returned to the nugget, but this time when I asked for the usual royal treatment, there was a long pause followed by much whispering.

Suddenly the CFO of the Golden Nugget walked in and told me that I was no longer allowed to play on this property.I’m quite frustrated with this development but can’t wait to play. I decided to change it up and play craps, but when I asked for a marker, the guy said, “I don’t think you understand Mr. Curtis. You can no longer play games at this casino.

To which I replied, “Even cracks?” Turns out I’d won 1.7 million over the past few years kunjungi agen slot online https://www.linkcentre.com/profile/7nagaslotgacor/ and never suffered a loss.Back then I was one of two people who got banned for over earning.

Knowing that this guy wouldn’t give me access to my tracer, I started chasing him for free food. I have a friend with me and I will not leave the casino without proving that I can make something of it. In fact we were offered a buffet meal with the caveat that I would leave the nugget once I was done eating.

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