Dec 5, 2023
MGM Grand to Host Freeroll Poker Tournament

MGM Grand to Host Freeroll Poker Tournament – Unused Jackpot Money Returns to Players

The poker room at MGM Grand is redistributing unused jackpot funds from three unopened Las Vegas Strip properties through three separate freeroll tournaments.

While all MGM Resorts properties on the Las Vegas Strip are now open, three of them—Mandalay Bay, Excalibur, and Mirage—have yet to reopen their poker rooms. As jackpot money is typically collected from players as an extra rake and used to fund room promotions, the casino cannot retain that money and must find a way to return it to the players.

Each closed room will have its own freeroll with jackpot money funding the prize pool. The first freeroll will utilize the unused jackpot money from Mandalay Bay, totaling $24,022, and will take place today at 5 pm. Mirage’s $69,804 will be up for grabs on November 17th, and Excalibur’s $27,837 will fund the tournament prize pool on December 1st.

Although there has been no official kunjungi agen judi slot online announcement from any of the three properties, the fact that unused jackpot money is being redistributed raises the likelihood that these rooms may be closed permanently.

While Excalibur was never a poker destination, Mandalay Bay has hosted several World Poker Tour main events during the poker boom peak. Before the boom, Mirage was home to the largest poker games in Las Vegas.

In one of the most iconic poker scenes in the classic 1998 film Rounders, the main character Mike McDermott, played by Matt Damon, says, “I want him to think I’m pondering a call, but all I’m thinking about is Vegas and the f***ing Mirage,” just before he loses all his money.

Registration for today’s freeroll is closed, but you can sign up for the second tournament starting on November 11th, and the final tournament will open registration on November 25th.

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