It’s a beautiful product with a striking sensibility

The most popular brand in the world is bags, belt wallets, and many other products. The representative model of the watch released in Louis Vuitton is Tangbur model. 레플리카 It is a product that makes good use of Louis Vuitton’s charm. Tangburman’s design is clean and luxurious. It is a case that shows the unique case design of Tangbourg product. It is made of glaze steel and shows the feeling of dress watch. It gives the point by emblazoning Louis Vuitton brand spelling on the side of the case, and the lug part from the top and bottom of the case is simple. Designed to make the clock easy to set, the dragonhead and Louis Vuitton brand imprints are carved to save beauty. The bezel inside the bezel is made black, has a scale and a square shape, so it can be confirmed in a few seconds. The dial is made in black, but it has a unique design. The index is made of long stick-shaped indexes and numeric indexes of soft-colored steel, which can maintain high visibility with a casual yet simple feel. Under the 12 o’clock index, the Louis Vuitton brand name is engraved in white.Hands” design is designed to be very simple and high visibility with all the white light-emitting paint on the remaining hands of the glaze. And the second hand is made of yellow, the sensibility of Louis Vuitton is saved, but the end is filled with rhomboid points and attracts attention. It is a product that shows a very beautiful look even when made with case bag. Solidback is filled with monogram patterns and the clock is released, which can be worn by both men and women, making it more usable. The band is made of a leather band made of the same material as seen in Louis Vuitton’s leather bag. The band does not fall into the band, but also adds a monogram pattern as a whole, adding a clean and unique feel.It gives a comfortable fit and has a variety of appeals, elastic and soft leather bands that can be worn without inconvenience even if worn for a long time. It is a signature watch Louis Vuitton Tangbur monogram model of Louis Vuitton, which is well equipped with Louis Vuitton’s unique sensibility.

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