Reservations before visiting are mandatory, so please refer to them.

Hello, I’m Jjinmango, who gives you information on massage and beauty. Today, I’d like to introduce two of the best single-person shops in Ilsan, and as the popularity of single-person shops increases, the supply is increasing, so if you’re wondering where to go, why don’t you choose the place we’re introducing today? I would recommend a place with facilities, services, and, of course, skills.^^
Ilsan Massage Single-person Shop – Sunshine Ilsan Massage Single-person Shop – Sunshine

The first place I recommend is Shanshine, a swaddish massage specialist in Ilsan. To give you the best satisfaction, we always do our best to repay you with a sincere therapy. We are having a weekly discount event, so if you make a reservation between 12 p.m. and 5 p.m., you can get a discount of 10,000 won! I hope this information is helpful for those who are looking for discount information on Ilsan massage.

Director of Ilsan Sunshine is a Korean woman who has a soft touch, and you can feel a clear difference from other places. You’ll be relieved of your tension with your warm and cozy. In fact, the re-visit rate is very high. The program is available for Swedish+Rome+Shure, and you can use it for 60 minutes, 120,000 won, and 90 minutes, 150,000 won!

The location of Ilsan 출장안마 Massage 1-person shop Sunshine is located in Cheongwon Lakeville 1st lane, 640 Janghang-dong Lake District, Ilsan-dong-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do. It’s a great place to access within 4 minutes on foot from Ilsan Homeplus, and our business hours are from 12 p.m. to 1 a.m., so please refer to it. It’s a one-person shop, so don’t forget to make a reservation before you visit! Because if you have a guest, you’re going to walk in vain.^^

The second place I’m going to introduce is a Swedish & Aroma specialty shop called Yuri, which is also famous for its cost-effectiveness and healing shop. Each guest will be given a sincere and high-quality massage, so you will be able to experience healing while relaxed and refreshed body.

Ilsan 1-person shop glass is located very close to Baekseok Station Exit 2, so it is not difficult for people who visit it by public transportation, but is it inconvenient to drive a car? That’s not true! You can park in the building for free, so you can use it comfortably no matter how you visit. The address is Baekseok-dong, Ilsan-dong-gu, Ilsan-si, Gyeonggi-do, and you can find out more detailed addresses through inquiries!
Ilsan Single-person Shop Glass Ilsan Single-person Shop Glass

Since it is one of the Korean massage shops in Ilsan, Director Yuri is definitely a Korean, but she is also a director with both skills and beauty! Please note that our business hours are from 12 pm to 1 am. The program consists of Swedish+Aroma, which is priced at 100,000 won for 60 minutes and 130,000 won for 90 minutes. Reservations are also required before visiting this place, so please refer to it.

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