I’m happy to be so good

Thank you. I’m gonna give you a little
A whole body massage gift is crazy cool
How are you neighbors?
Rossi’s here

to live with the movement and to live
I’ll visit Busan for your sister.
There’s not much shop that didn’t exist

I’ve been to 10 of the places
It’s really cool and refreshing
a nice shop
I’d like to recommend it

whole body massage prior to posting
I’ll tell you a good tip
I’m not the only person
I like knowing the robbers correctly

It’s easy to say that if you can’t control the intensity
When it’s too strong, it’s hard on paper to get the eraser
when you push, you’re gonna have a scratch
with a similar, too weak intensity
when the hand pressure goes in

The paper has a faint pencil mark
I’m not gonna let you know
because it can be brought

I’m sure you’ll be able to continue
I’m going to give you a direct feedback
I like to do it
And if you don’t say the best thing
The manager is not too quick
You have God’s hand to control the pressure
If you’ll do well, I’ll be on the cake
You get ten of them
You’re actually one of them
It was about

Busan Massage, where Rossi is a regular
The good place is The Esthetic
This is it
I was wondering about the number 106
It was October 6th, or the opening date

Somang Building with Obokmi Station
If you go up to the fifth floor,
I’m using it and I’m using it for free parking in the building
Park because it’s possible
You can come up lightly
nonface-to-face at the entrance
I’m going to need to make sure
You did it

Take the cell phone you were holding in your hand
I wiped it and put it back in my hand.

You know, if you’re waiting in the lobby
I didn’t make a reservation
I’m sure you’re not gonna be able to
about the management returing course and time
Please explain in detail

Every time you take the course
basic 1 hour 20 minutes basic course
But this is a real caustic rain
I’m not gonna let you make a reservation
I’m going to need you to make a couple reservations
I’m not gonna let you know that when you’re alone
to dry wet facial management
It’s basically very cool
I was pretty satisfied

a golden light with a good fortune
Shall we follow the road to the room?

I’m gonna go quietly and have a whole body massage
a one-room room for those who enjoy
a rupstagram of love that is just as flowery
The couple room is chatting with their mom
It’s good to get

and the locals are working together
If you’ve traveled to Busan, you’ll have four or more people
The part where you can book a group room
It’s quite merit

Now it’s operating in a limited way
But there’s a separate jjimjilbang

sauna room with a half-bath
It’s so good that it’s amazing every time
I paid for the massage suit
You take care of the basic toiletries like this
a place where you can go lightly, in fact

in the V-log image
I’m not sure how the interiors are
You can see

The best part is the men’s and women’s dressing room
It was a shower facility

The interior is very wide and the shower pressure is good
Rossi is always here to warm up
For a long time and a long time
Women’s showers for men
Well, it’s good, but how can you
a vote for better

Rocker and men’s long padding
the length can put
It’s a long locker, and women
You’re wearing a coat or a trench
I hope you can change it to a long locker!

2 step to the dry wet
The massage goes in
I took a shower at home and I’d like to take another one
I’m just saying that you need to take a light shower
Massage manners, right?

I’m gonna get you a brown dress
You changed it to mint
Why don’t you wear it in a rather flat size
You said you’d be comfortable getting a massage

the equipment is minute in the women’s dressing room
It’s really equipped
I don’t care if I’m in a state

I’m going into the massage parlor
Scratch is the part worn with accessory
He said he could fly, and he asked me to take it out
I’m lying here, and I’m gonna start
and then the oil massage
Second, dryness is in
according to the condition of the individual body
Body relexing task is SPIRITUAL
I’m really refreshed by the movement
a cool part
It’s quite attractive

cooler and stronger
To put it…Fragmatic cool-down
when the body unites and the languid early spring is helpless
It’s a perfect full-body massage course if you get it

So, I’m gonna have to get this whole body
S-line body care is done by detailing
If you keep them regularly,
I’m not sure I’m gonna be able to
I thought it would help

And you’re also the one who’s the most vulnerable
Explain the posterior of the upper body
in part the part that you want to be specially managed
I’m satisfied with your concentration

Put the pack on here and finish with a sigh
1 hour and 20 minutes after the dry massage
Is the basic management over?
You’ve been sitting around for a long time
I work out and work out weights
The rigid body is relaxed like this
I feel comfortable with my usual posture, so good

The day I’m here is near Hyun Baek-in
I’m sure you can hear the Taigaten-dong
I’m here to eat after the massage

the whole body is relexed to massage
The gut is as smooth as a tofu
Ginny digestion is good, and appetite explosion!

At this time, one bankbook is a Unagiten-dong
and I’ll give you a gift
That’s great.

I’m full of self-love and I’m gonna be
How can I please you today?
a day of researching humans

all over the body
The sweetness is the most attractive
The great massage is 출장안마 not the same
There was no betrayal
You’re a good massager, too
You use the product as a good one
the satisfaction is doubled

I’m gonna have to go get a massage
I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to
I’m happy to be so good

And I learned that mitral muscle
You’re the most self-conscious Rossi
I thought you should let go of me

The manager has a bad neck
But I’m not gonna be able to
You’re also going to tell me how to stretch
I got a good honey tip and one stone!

This whole cool thing
10 days is maintained

Is this official more like by your parents?
I’m happy to have a wedding anniversary
Book me!

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