I actually have a dry shampoo I’m using

Now that I’m thinking about going back to school again, I feel more tired

You went to body therapy to get a massage before the start of the class!

I was searching the area around the house for a massage on the way home after work

I booked it for therapy!

The Yeonsan-dong massage body therapy can be walked in about 10 minutes on foot from the 10th exit of the station.

I could see the pink signboard at a glance.

If you go up to the second floor of the building entrance, it’s a massage!

The body therapy is open from 11:30 am to 10:00 pm!

I run it until evening, so it was good that I had enough time to get managed after work!

And make sure to check and book every Monday for regular holidays!

It’s running on drugs.

There are several instructions on the door.

When you enter, you must wear a mask.

It’s a notice that you can knock because it may be under management.

I knocked, and I said, “You can come in.” I opened the door and went right in.

If you don’t respond to knocking, you can call the number above

The entrance is neatly organized with slippers and shoes.

Hand disinfectants and products are displayed on the shoe.

I’ve been given a spot after disinfection and heat checks

He prepared warm water before the massage.

It was raining yesterday, so today the day-to-day difference was very cold on the way, but I was able to melt my body

The waiting room was neatly organized

The snacks were ready, so the good thing was not secrets

There were various instructions on the desk.

There was a notice about Wi-Fi, reservations, aroma management

Read it carefully!

If you first visited like me, please fill out a membership card that looks like a yogi.

I am going to receive a 60-minute course on the rear of Aromamage today.

If you are curious about the price of Yeonsan-dong Aroma massage, please look at the picture above!

I personally felt that the price range was fine

It’s made up of aromamage rooms,

It consists of a single room and a two-bedroom couple room.

You can get it in a private room,

I think it’s also good to come to get a massage with a friend.

I came alone, but I received aroma massage in a two-bedroom.

You’re more comfortable and better off in a spacious space by yourself?

There were lockers, clothes to change, hangers, mirrors, etc. in the room.

There was a notice saying that you should wear a mask and I like it better!

Sometimes, there were some people who said that it was okay to take off because the massager was wearing a mask.

The red therapy was safe and massaged.

From here, it is a subjective review after a brief massage!

I wanted to take a picture while I was getting the massage,

I had two employees, so I couldn’t attach the photo because there was no one to take it

But massage pressure was the best place I visited until this time!

Usually it hurts so much that when you get a massage, you get bruises.

Aroma Massage is a perfect match from the beginning! It’s so cool for me!

And before you started your aroma massage, you asked me where I was most uncomfortable,

I told you that my shoulders are a lot of lumps these days, and I released a lot of shoulders.

Now that I’m posting at home, my shoulders are really

When I was 출장안마 massaged, I wrapped my head with a towel and unpacked the towel, and my head was messed up

But! There was no need to worry about the treatment because it had combs and dry shampoo

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